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Carcredit-Online.co.uk aims to make buying a car, or obtaining any sort of financial service as easy as possible, on this page we aim to answer commonly asked questions.

(Q) How much does my application cost to process?

(A) Making an application is absolutely free and there is no obligation to use the finance once in place.

(Q) Where do I have to buy my car?

(A) You can purchase your vehicle from any garage, this gives you lots of vehicles to choose from close to your home!

(Q) I haven't a clue where to look for a car can you help me?

(A) We can help you look for a vehicle if required, by giving us an idea of what vehicle you would like and the amount you would  like to spend, we can find the closest vehicles to your home address.

(Q) How do you assess my application?

(A) Our lenders search your credit file using a number of credit reference agencies, this is then used to determine a decision based on our lenders criteria and scoring system to give you the best package available.

(Q) How do you determine how much I can borrow?

(A) The amount of money you can borrow is determined by your current income and also the credit package allocated to you.

(Q) Do I need a deposit to obtain finance from you?

(A) The majority of our plans that do not require a deposit.

(Q) Ok, I've found my vehicle... What next?

(A) We quote you a payment that is aimed to meet your budget and arrange an appointment to meet our representative to sign and explain all relevant documents.

(Q) When do I start paying for my Vehicle?

(A) You can make your first payment up to thirty days after the day of signing for the vehicle. The date of which you make your first payment is decided by you.

(Q) Do you offer protection on my loan?

(A) Yes. We do offer optional protection on your loan if required and this will be discussed in detail to you by one of the underwriters when quoting your payment.

(Q) Can I settle my agreement early?

(A) Yes. When you take out a Hire Purchase Agreement you are entitled to settle the agreement whenever you wish.

Any further questions you need answers on, go to our contact us page, send your query to us and we will get back to you immediately.

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